A few affordable ways to correct vision issues without contact lenses or spectacles

The eyes are a vital organ, providing a person’s sight. Without vision, everyday life can become difficult, especially if they are required when earning a living. Those who enjoy their leisure time has it impeded by poor optical health as it can affect viewing performances, reading, and enjoying watching TV.

There are ways around some issues, such as spectacles or contact lenses, but not everyone wishes to use them. It may affect how they perceive their appearance to others, or the fiddly job of inserting and taking out lenses each day can cause problems and pain if they go on wrongly, aside from the cost if they are mislaid. A third option is to repair such defects and then live a normal life by having surgery. Many people are put off this treatment fearing the cost, but there is no need to be when discovering the price of LASIK (known as ราคาทำเลสิค in Thai).

There are many affordable techniques to choose from, and those in Bangkok can make the most of them by visiting a clinic which has professionally trained surgeons waiting to put things right. A highly trained and friendly team looks after their patients at their conveniently located state-of-the-art facility, as the many website reviews from satisfied customers testifies.

LASIK and Femtolasic technology have been continually developed to meet all vision related problems so that the expert ophthalmologists with specialized skills can perform whatever is required to help return vision and eye health to its former pristine condition. All manner of problems such as cataracts, pterygium, along with corneal diseases, ulcers, and degeneration can be corrected.

Femto LASIC costs patients 55,000 baht, using only lasers, which ups the price. It is a safe method that can act on any size, including those with smaller eyes. Meanwhile, SBK LASIK uses a special blade but offers a similar effect when finished to Femto. With a price of 44,000 baht, it is often considered to represent excellent value.

PRK helps those that are not conducive to LASIK treatment because they possess thin corneas. The eye adjustment technique saves money, with this course of action coasting around the 33,000-baht mark. Trans PRK uses a special contactless corneal laser removal tool which reduced the possibilities of infection. It costs just short of 37,000 baht.

Diseases and sight problems can be put right at a far more affordable price than sufferers think, especially when visiting a professional and specialized team in Bangkok.