Concerns for Your Elderly Parents

One of the realities for many adults is caring for their aging parents. Here are a few items to consider as your Mom or Dad gets older.


Keeping the elderly safe is a priority. It is important to keep the walkways throughout the home free of clutter or other items that may cause tripping or falling. You may need to create a ramp to access the entrance. At some point, a friend or relative may need to assist with adult home care Massachusetts so your folks can be safe and cared for in their own home. There are many companies available and care centers are also an option.


As your parents get older, their medical needs may increase. You might want to start driving them to their medical appointments. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and take time to write down the answers as you receive them. Make a copy and leave it with your parents so they can refer to it later. Your Mom might need to be reminded to brush her teeth; your Dad may need help sorting his medications.


Is your Dad still able to learn and retain new information? Does your Mom still enjoy doing her Sudoku puzzles and reading the newspaper? Those are good signs that their cognitive skills are still intact. Aging doesn’t necessarily mean that dementia will occur, but memory loss is quite common. You may notice as your parents age that they tell you the same story over and over. As brain atrophy continues, your parent may not remember your children’s names. That can be very difficult for everyone. There are many resources to help you and your folks cope with these changes.


One woman found a stack of unpaid bills in her father’s kitchen drawer. Her Dad had been promising funds to every charity that called his home. That’s when she realized her father needed help with his finances. The funds were there, but memory loss was now apparent. Hopefully, your parents have already spoken to an attorney about their will, their medical wishes and their estate. Find out where those documents are and make sure they are in order. You may need to seek some legal counsel if your parents have not already done so.

Visit or phone your parents regularly to make sure they are doing well. Prevent injuries by taking safety measures as they are needed. Keep track of health and finances by asking pertinent questions and paying attention to any changes.