How about the Eye Bag Removal

Non-surgical eye bag removal is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures, with an estimated 90% of surgeries performed in Singapore. This predominantly Singaporean practice also provides a high satisfaction rate with patients coming back for more.

If you find yourself struggling with bags under your eyes that you want to get rid of, you will find that your doctor help you on this.

Non-surgical eye bag removal Singapore simply involves the application of a collagen gel, often injected under the eye with a tiny needle, by way of small vesicles under the eye, just above the orbital rim.

The gel is absorbed into the skin by diffusion and then is harvested with a small hook-shaped suction device as the patient’s under-eye bag slowly dissolves away. With a variety of threading and puncture techniques, the bag is then gently filled, lifting the under-eye region. A tiny retinoid laser is used to highlight the area where the eye bag has been extracted, as well as to minimize any darkening of the skin below.

Like cosmetic surgery, eye bag removal is safe and effective, but can only be achieved after the skin underneath the eye has had time to recover. Because this is such a delicate procedure, patients are advised to refrain from contact with the treated area for one day or more, as the treated skin may become irritated if continued to be disturbed.