Is HIIT For Everyone And Should You Do It Regularly?

If we are honest, the HIIT fitness trend is probably a cure-for all solution that we have been seeking. Do you need to get fit, stay in shape, or cut some weight? Are you training for a marathon or a weightlifting competition? Then you can try HIIT. 

What Is HIIT And Why Is It So Popular?

High-Intensity Interval Training, HIIT, is a workout regime that involves short periods of intense workout alternated with low-intensity exercises. It can last anywhere between 10 minutes to half an hour. HIIT is a great workout technique that helps to reduce body fat and increase metabolism. 

Other benefits of HIIT workouts include:

  • An individual enjoys the benefits of longer workout sessions in a shorter time frame. It means that they burn calories in a shorter time.
  •  HIIT will help in building muscles.
  •  It is an excellent way of improving your cardiovascular health.
  •  It does not require gym equipment.
  •  It is super adaptable as you can perform these workouts anywhere at any time.
  •  An individual can enjoy the benefits of HIIT workouts long after a session is over. 

Is It For Everyone?

Technically, when it comes to exercises and staying fit, there is something for everyone. Workouts are tailored to maximize the benefits while reducing injury and burn-out effects. There are a lot of factors that come into play when considering who can sign up for HIIT. 

First things first, there are different types of HIIT workouts. They are:

Tabata: It is a super intense workout that lasts four minutes and incorporates different exercises in one session. The workouts run for 20 seconds with a rest period of 10 seconds, and this set of exercises goes for eight rounds, totaling about four minutes.

Cardiovascular Exercises: These are aerobic fitness workouts that aim to increase an individual’s breathing rate and heart rate. However, cardio exercises tend to be slow-paced and steadier compared to HIIT workouts. Nonetheless, they are all offered at HIIT Class Hong Kong. 

The Risks of HIIT

Too much of something will undo you, so be very cautious with our workout regimes approach. Nevertheless, specific individuals should take some caution before signing up for a HIIT Class Hong Kong.

  1. people with heart problems.
  1. You have an injury- if you want to exercise, use gentler and low-intensity workout plans so you don’t aggravate or reinjure yourself.

At Hybrid MMA & Fitness, every HIIT workout is tailored to a safety level that maximizes the workout session with minimal risk exposure. The coaches and trainers at HIIT Class Hong Kong have come up with a guideline for HIIT training.

Before starting on a program, the trainer determines the fitness level of their clients. Individuals who are too out of shape or lack foundational strength must start at low-intensity levels to build their strength and conditioning first.

In central Hong Kong, there are many fitness centers equipped with modern equipment that provide excellent fitness and training services. These centers also offer one of the best HIIT Class-based facilities for both women and men. High-intensity interval training helps burn calories, maintain body shape and figure, and bodybuilding.


HIIT workouts are great for many reasons, but it would be wise to consult with your trainer before starting on a workout regime. It will help in curating a plan that works best with minimal injury and burn-out risk.

If you have any questions about high-intensity training? Feel free to reach out to us. We would love to hear from you.