Making Your Vape Juice At Home

Vaping is an excellent way to help you give up smoking, and it is becoming increasingly popular worldwide and in the UK. Something else that is also becoming more popular is making e-liquid yourself at home, and it is relatively simple to do. You will need to do some thinking about the flavours you want and purchase some ingredients and equipment. However, it gives you complete control of what you vape, and you can create your vape juice the way you like it. Below is what you need to get to make e-liquid yourself at home that may see you not repurchasing it from a shop or online store.

Buying The Ingredients

The formula to make e-juice at home is simple, and you can get everything you need readily available online and in specialist stores. You will need to consider what flavours you want to make for your e-liquid and the PG/VG ratio you need, depending on the type of vaping device you use. Below are the ingredients and equipment you will need, and you can buy everything easily with a quick search of the internet.

Propylene Glycol: Propylene glycol is used in e-liquid to help with the flavour, and it is one of the primary ingredients. It is something that is used extensively in the food industry, and it is safe to consume. This substance can hit your throat and replicate smoking a cigarette, and it is a transparent liquid with very little smell, and it is synthetic and belongs to the same family as alcohol.

Vegetable Glycerine: Vegetable glycerine is found extensively in the food industry and is another primary ingredient of vape juice. The vegetable glycerine makes the massive vape clouds, so if you are a cloud chaser, you will want a higher ratio of this. It is also a transparent liquid with very little smell, and it is extracted from plants to create the oil.

Nicotine: You will also need to purchase nicotine in liquid form so that you can add this to your homemade vape juice. The brown liquid is available in specialist health stores and online, and you need to be careful when handling this not to get it on your skin which will absorb the nicotine.

Flavourings: You will also need to purchase the flavour extracts suitable for vape juice and decide on the flavour profile you want to create. You can buy many different flavours, and you can try a recipe you find online or make a unique concoction yourself.

The Equipment You Need To Make Your Vape Juice

You may have most of the equipment you need to make your vape juice at home already, but you can also purchase everything you need online when you get your ingredients. You will need small bottles to keep your vape juice, a mixing container, pipettes or syringes, some paper towel, and some gloves. Put on your gloves, get your mixing container, and measure out the PG and VG into your desired ratio. You can then add measured amounts of the liquid nicotine and flavourings for your juice and mix these. Once thoroughly mixed, put the vape juice into the small bottles and clean everything using the paper towel. Keep the small bottles of your concoction in a cool and dark place, leave it for four or five days, and then you are all set to go and enjoy your homemade vape juice.