Priceless Facts About Penis Envy Mushrooms

Before you start growing your own penis-envy mushroom, you should know a few things. This psilocybin-based mushroom is a sclerotia-producing species. Psilocybin, a neurotransmitter, has been used as a breakthrough therapy for depression. Penis-envy mushrooms have been on the market for a long time, but only recently have you heard of their power? Read on to discover some priceless facts about this species.

Penis Envy Cubensis

If you’re a fan of mushrooms, you’ve probably heard of Penis Envy. But how do you know it is really penis-envying? There’s more to this mysterious mushroom than meets the eye. Here are some priceless facts about this fascinating mushroom. But first, what is Penis Envy? The answer is complicated, and you’ll have to read on to discover more!

Psilocybin Is A Novel Treatment For Depression That Has Made Significant Strides

The Food and Drug Administration has granted psilocybin, the hallucinogenic molecule contained in magic mushrooms, a second Breakthrough Therapy designation. The Food and Drug Administration has designated psilocybin as a Breakthrough Therapy, which allows drug companies to hasten the development process for the medication. It is only for pharmaceuticals that are considerably superior to existing treatments that they are designated as breakthrough therapies.

It Is ASclerotia-Producing Species, As The Name Suggests

The penis envy mushrooms are caused by a fungus with characteristics that are similar to those of the P.E. mushroom, which is a type of mushroom. White with blue accents, the cap of this plant is rather thin, and the stem is quite short. Because of the spores that it produces, it is also difficult to disseminate. These characteristics make it a popular choice for growing penis-envy mushrooms, which is a specialty mushroom.

It Is A Psilocybin-Based Fungus That Is Quite Potent

Penis Envy is a potent psilocybin-based hallucinogenic mushroom that has a long history of usage in traditional Chinese medicine. Terrence Mckenna, a proponent of hallucinogenic plants, discovered it in the Amazon rainforest and named it after him. Mushrooms, which are distinguished by their fleshy, bulbous stems and crowns, were discovered and collected by him. In addition to hallucinations when the caps are closed, Penis Envy mushrooms also exhibit fractal surfing and live geometry effects when the caps are not closed.

It Is A Selectively Grown Mushroom

The Penis Envy mushroom strain has a long history. This mutant mushroom is highly sought after in the mushroom growing community. While it may be a potent mushroom, the effects of Penis Envy should not be underestimated. To achieve the desired effect, you must start off with a small dose and be conscious of your environment. We’ve listed below some useful tips for using Penis Envy.

It Is Illegal To Cultivate

The origins of Penis Envy mushrooms are still unclear. A psychonaut and lecturer by the name of Terence McKenna discovered the mushroom in the Amazon Rainforest during the early 1970s. McKenna then collected the spores and returned to the U.S. to study them further. The resulting specimens were marketed for use in potions, pills, and even as a drug. You can place your order by clicking here once you’ve finished learning about this particular variety of magic mushroom.