Solution For Ten Reasons For Excessive Sweating 

Wearing comfortable clothes

The most basic and easy thing you can take care of is wearing comfortable clothes throughout the day and night. It would be best if you did not overdress yourself in the day and wear loose clothing items like t-shirts and pajamas while sleeping. If you wear tight clothes, your body will not breathe and secrete more sweat than it should. Also, make sure you wear the breathable cloth materials to make it easy for your skin to breathe and not feel suffocated. Wearing tight or clothes that; are made up of non-breathable materials is fine but try to avoid it daily.

Too much physical activity

A lot of physical activity can be one reason too. These activities may include your daily job or the workout you do at the gym. If this is causing a lot of sweating, you can try to reduce it to some extent not to lose a lot of water from your body every day. Doing everything under control is good, but too much exercise can harm your body in other ways too. 

Obesity or not being fit

Not being fit or being obese can be another significant reason why you sweat a lot. In this condition, it is better to try to do some activity to become fit and eat healthily. Excessive sweating due to obesity or an individual’s unfitness has become a widespread thing among people. Many people these days are unfit and thus end up facing many health issues. They should do something to make keep themselves in good shape and stay as healthy as possible. 

Medicines for some health issue

You might not know, but it is very much possible that it is the side effects of your medicines that you are taking for some other heal issue that is causing this excessive sweating. All you can do in such a condition is drink a lot of water and eat well to stay hydrated because there is nothing you can do other than that. You cannot stop those medicines, but one alternative is; that you can, consult your doctor and ask them if there is another substitute for the medicine, which has no such side effects. If yes, then that great, and you can switch to the other medicine, but do it only after consulting your doctor. These  were a few  out of 10 reasons to help you out.